Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2013


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2013

Queen Elizabeth Room, Royal British Legion, Woodbridge

11 December 2013 at 7.30pm

Present: P Clay (Chair), D Poole (Vice Chair), T Evans (Treas), M Poole (Mins Sec), P Ferguson, N Montgomery, R Hare, R Simper, P Simper, J Simper, Martin Atkinson


1.         Introduction:  Pete Clay welcomed all present to the meeting

2.         Apologies:  received from A Donovan, J Gordon, S Evelegh, H Cunliffe, P Luxmoore, A Leech

3.         Minutes of last AGM (14 December 2011)

The minutes, having been previously circlulated, were accepted and signed as a correct record, proposed by Neil Montgomery, seconded by Pam Ferguson


4.         Matters arising: none.


5.         Treasurer’s Report – accounts for 2 years, 1/7/11 – 30/6/13, were circulated. Treasurer expressed thanks to Neville Pierce for inspecting the accounts. He reported that some expenses were due now, mainly relating to meetings held by WAMRAG.  At end June 2013, there was a balance of £1201.99 across 2 bank accounts.


The Accounts were accepted (proposed by P Ferguson, seconded by R Hare).  The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for his work.


6.         Chairman’s Report

Whisstocks Project:


The Chairman said that this site had been one of WAMRAG’s original prime concerns. At a WAMRAG-sponsored meeting in February this year, public opinion was less strongly against some development on the site, but still against the principle of granting full residential change of use.  Planning application has been recommended for approval, conditional on Section 106 community benefit terms, to allow fully residential use on old Nunns Mill site if community benefit given on Whisstocks site.  The Chairman is a Trustee of the Woodbridge Riverside Trust, which is negotiating the use of the site for the community.  On the site there will be

–          a large shed, sufficient to house a reconstruction of the Sutton Hoo burial ship

–          Woodbridge Museum

–          public access over the forecourt

–          a restaurant and a café the slip is to be repaired

–          14 holiday lets

–          commercial units on ground floor

Covenants will control activities that can take place in boatshed, such as working hours.

Demolition is expected in Summer 2014.  Completion expected 2015-16.

Maritime Woodbridge in September 2013 may be possible, though the sheds may not be available.

The sheds and large doors are currently unsafe.

Neil Montgomery observed that any archaeological discoveries under the existing structures may delay the programme.

Noted: WAMRAG was not constituted to purchase the site when this was considered a possibility, and the Riverside Trust under the late John Gibbins was set up to cover this potential need, and to manage the property. Trustees are: Pete Clay, Annie Leech, Andrew Fitzgerald, Malcolm Hodd.

Richard Hare asked if Lottery funding was available; Pete Clay said they would fund educational outcomes but not the ‘springboard’ for the project, i.e. construction of a new ship.


Pam Ferguson asked whether Whisstocks had flooded in recent high tides.  R Hare said that it had; the flood gates leaked, and an antiflooding valve was need.



The Future of WAMRAG:


The Chairman proposed 3 options:

–          continue as at present

–          wind up the group

–          keep it in state of ‘care and maintenance’


The meeting considered whether other bodies, e.g. Woodbridge Society, the River Deben Association, Woodbridge Town Council –  could fulfil the same role.  In discussion, it was felt that no other group could do this.


Neil Montgomery summarised progress on the development of the Woodbridge Neighbourhood Plan.  SCDC is encouraging Woodbridge Town Council to join with Melton, Martlesham and Bredfield to develop a plan for the greater Woodbridge area, to avoid conflicts.


  1. 7.                  Election of Officers


The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Minutes Secretary are standing down, being increasingly involved in work on the Whisstocks Project.  No nominations have been received for these offices.


Peter Clay proposed Jonathan Simper for Chairman, seconded by Ted Evans – all in favour.

Peter Clay proposed Richard Hare as Vice Chairman, seconded by Jonathan Simper – all in favour.

Minutes Secretary: Jonathan Simper volunteered to recruit.


  1. 8.                  Any Other Business


Issues on other river frontages were discussed. Richard Hare emphasised the need for vigilance.


The Chairman asked Neil Montgomery if the residential buildings recently permitted at Eversons should be seen as a precedent for residential use in boatyard areas – he felt that they were not, R Hare disagreed.  They are intended for use by apprentices, but if this use did not fill them, they would very possibly be used as holiday lets. Neil reported that the start on this had been delayed, and only outline planning permission had been granted.  It has been held up by Section 106 agreement, and Section 107 agreement has been submitted to the developer.


The meeting closed at 2045.