Whisstocks Planning Application



This notice from the WAMRAG committee is to alert all members that a planning application for the development of Nunn’s Mill and the Whisstocks site has been lodged with the SCDC. It can be viewed online at www.whisstocksproject.co.uk –  or just Google “Whisstocks Project. The hard copy of the application is  available in the SCDC offices and Shire Hall under the number C13/0768, and a model of the proposed development is in the Tidemill. The document is large and comprehensive and we would urge you all to persevere in your examination of it.


  • We would refer you especially to the most recent design of the Whisstocks site – revised as a result of the WAMRAG Community Hall meeting on 10th Feb.
  • Please consider the changes and the overall scale of the design, in particular the heights of the proposed buildings and their impact on their surroundings. The fact that the building heights are not made explicit in the Design and Access Statement is a concern, given that previous designs were already higher than the adjacent Tidemill and Granary.
  • WAMRAG has been pressing for a reduction in scale of at least one storey in the 4 storey residential building.  Likewise the “chandlery” building still appears high, despite the removal of two holiday flats from the top of the building, and would dominate the access view of the Tidemill from Tidemill Way.


The development will be covered by a Section 106 agreement between Suffolk Coastal District Council and the developers, that obliges the developer to deliver community benefit in return for SCDC passing the applications with ‘changes of use’ on the two sites.  Heads of Terms have been drawn up between the Town Council, the Whisstocks Project CIC and FWP, which will form the basis of the agreement. The agreement is not normally a matter for public consultation in the same way that the Planning Application itself is.   Because people feel strongly about the way these sites, and particularly the Whisstocks site, are to be used in the future, it is important that everyone understands what is on offer here.


The Section 106 will link the developments on Nunns Mill and Whisstocks so that one site cannot be developed in isolation from the other, and will:


  • determine the sequence in which different buildings must be constructed, let or occupied.
  • set the restrictions placed on the holiday home accommodation on the Whisstocks site, to ensure that units may not be occupied as permanent residential accommodation.
  • establish the land uses that would be deemed appropriate for the Community Boatshed Building (as defined in Appendix 1), if the preferred use for boatbuilding activity does not go ahead as planned.
  • oblige the developer to provide the agreed community benefit: the gift to the Town of the 5000+sq ft boat shed with 2000 sq ft mezzanine; the 3,100 sq ft museum building; 40 per cent ownership by the town of the open public space; and community use as defined under covenants.  These will govern use of the community buildings, the open space in front of the new buildings, the slip and the moorings, and will be published soon on the Whisstocks website.


Please write to the Suffolk Coastal District Council Planning Department with your views.  If there is an element of this scheme that you would like to see modified, even if you approve of the overall scheme, say so. Your voice counts.  In particular, start your letter with words like “I support ….”, “I urge refusal ….” or “I object ….”, to ensure that  your opinion is correctly noted.

You can also contribute to the feed-back facility on the Whisstocks website.

The cut-off date for responses to SCDC is 31st May 2013.

Their address: Council Offices, Melton Hill, Woodbridge, IP12 1AU

Tel: 01394 383789


Pete Clay ( WAMRAG chairman)